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Seraphina’s Kitchen Launches Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

by Seraphina's Kitchen on February 15, 2014

The Seraphina’s Kitchen team are delighted to launch the first product in our silicone baking range – ‘Seraphina’s Kitchen Non-Stick Baking Mat‘.

We wanted to launch with something that would change our customer’s home-cooking experience in a really amazing way and with our Non-Stick Baking Mat we’ve really hit the mark. Not only does it negate the need for parchment paper or foil but it’s a dream to clean and store. And it’s ‘designer’ looks make it a perfect addition to any kitchen.

So what were we trying to achieve when we developed our new baking mats? MuffinsWell, we had some specific problems to overcome and as busy cooks we were facing these almost daily.

1. Buying, using and throwing out lots of baking paper and foil – expensive and not great for the environment! Using our silicone baking mat stops this so we’re saving money and doing something good for the environment.

2. Adding extra butter and oils to our bakeware to make it non-stick. This means additional fats in our foods plus baked on residue. There is no need to add anything to your bakeware when using our baking mat. Food will not stick and old trays will work like new.

3. Scrubbing messy and dirty baking sheets and pans. Our silicone baking mats wipe clean and air dry, saving your hands and nails, and your expensive bakeware!

Through rigorous testing in our kitchens we have created a high quality, durable baking mat that can be used over and over again. By using the best materials (FDA approved) the mats are food safe and help to transfer heat evenly. We have made them thicker than many other baking mats so that they will remain robust for many years, yet they retain their flexibility so that they can used with less-standard sized baking trays.

Baked Tomatoes on matSilicone Baking mats have been used in professional kitchens for decades and we are happy to be able to provide them to our customers for use in their homes.

Our designers were keen to create a product that not only saved you time and money but that looked great too. The result, which we are very proud of, is  ‘Seraphina’s Kitchen Non-Stick Baking Mat‘. If you haven’t tried cooking with a non-stick baking mat before you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. And we’re delighted to be able to share this with you.

We have chosen to provide you with a safe and secure shopping experience, and to deliver products to our valued customers in the efficient and professional manner for which they are known.


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